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There are many benefits for workplaces, clubs or organisations that join Carpool SA.  It’s free and there is not much work to be involved.  By joining, you will provide your employees and members with more secure member profiles helping them to carpool to work or club or organisation events.

When your workplace, club or organisation joins Carpool SA, you will need to:

  • identify a contact person, who can verify the identity of employees or members who register to join the program
  • promote the program to your employees and members by distributing material provided or identifying other communication strategies that work at your organisation.

Joining is easy – first, just complete the Join process as an individual member.  Then from the Member Home Page, under 'Workplaces, Clubs & Organisations I Manage' click on 'Create a Workplace, Club or Organisation' and complete the Workplace Registration Form.  From there, Carpool SA will be notified and make contact with you.  Alternatively, e-mail us at for more information.  

If you’re arranging an event that will involve a number of people going to a single location at a set time, like:

  • a sporting fixture or regular training program
  • a workplace conference or training event
  • a community meeting or event

then invite your members or employees to join Carpool SA and link up their journeys for the event.

Some workplaces have installed priority parking spaces as an incentive for their employees to carpool to work to:

  • help employees share their travel costs
  • reduce local parking pressures.

If priority parking is something your organisation is interested in providing all you need to do is:

  • decide how many parking spaces to reserve and where
  • seek necessary permissions if required etc.
  • check that the parking spaces are being used legitimately (talk with us to discuss the simple strategies we’ve found that work)
  • mark the parking spaces as carpool parks – a stencil is available for use
  • promote the parking spaces to your employees and encourage them to join the program.

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Share your journeys!  Save money on petrol and wear and tear on your car!